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We’re privileged to have helped St. James United Methodist Church (UMC) in Atlanta, GA minimize technical difficulties during their church service, from installation and setting up audiovisual equipment to training their volunteers on how to use it. The result was smoother visual, audio, and overall live stream qualities that helped get the message of faith across. We helped with:

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Providing a list of equipment and other recommendations for live streaming setup.

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Set Up

Replacing some and installing live streaming equipment.

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Training church volunteers on how to use St. James’ new live streaming system.

Want to see some snippets from our St. James-UMC project?


About the Project

Interior of St. James-UMC

St. James UMC-Atlanta is a neighborhood church in Georgia. The church wanted to focus on what it does best - imparting messages of faith. But instead, it was facing a few technical difficulties during church service and spending long hours editing videos for online upload.


The church needed help finding and installing quality live streaming and video production equipment and training for using these items.


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Time-Consuming Video Production

St. James manually filmed its church services using individual phone cameras positioned at different angles. The church compiled all these videos for editing and online upload. A single video would take the church 15+ hours to edit.

Technical Challenges

Some wireless mics were not working properly. Sometimes during a live stream, the audio would get cut off in the middle. These were some of the technical issues that we discovered.

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Limited Vendor Capabilities

St. James considered hiring live streaming experts to help it film its church service. However, it only encountered companies who could install equipment and run it themselves but could not provide equipment-use training. Others could not install but could train. What St. James was looking for was a vendor who could do both. The Recording Service was the only vendor that could provide both equipment installation and training at competitive rates.

Having the courage to face hardships and the strength to press forward are messages of faith that St. James UMC-Atlanta wants to impart through its church services. But any good message can only go so far amidst technical difficulties. 

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We worked with St. James every step of the way, testing their current equipment and providing recommendations grounded on our years of experience as video producers. Here are some of the specific things we helped St. James with:


Created an elaborate proposal to renovate St. James’ audio system.


Moved the mixer and installed a digital system that can be controlled from an iPad.


Ran a 300-feet audio cable from the balcony to the stage so that all equipment could be kept near the stage while someone backstage would manage the audio quality and mixing.


Set up cameras and other equipment for live streaming.


Utilized cable management, such as running cables behind walls to prevent tripping hazards.


Wrote a letter to some manufacturers to request a list of radio frequencies to use in an area, helping us optimize audio in St. James’ church service venues.


Got a new antenna for some of St. James’ existing wireless mics that were not working properly before.


Created documents to help St. James get grants.


Created a document guide for St. James where we explained our work.


Here are some clips from a chuch service we live streamed for St. James:

Priest sermon at St. James-UMC

Priest sermon at St. James-UMC
Priest sermon at St. James-UMC
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Church service live streaming
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Choir singing at St. James-UMC
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Your Church Live Service Can Be Seamless Too

We hope you will keep us in mind for your future video production or live streaming needs. To hear more about our St. James project, contact us.