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We want to make our event hybrid this year. 
Do hybrid events cost more than normal events?

Yes, hybrid events typically cost more than in-person. Logistically, a hybrid event is like doing two events at once – one virtual, and one in-person.  However, hybrid events can engage exponentially more people than an in-person-only event. This is a great opportunity to reach a widespread audience and to commemorate an in-person event, as well.

How quickly can you be here?

Can you video record, as well as stream?

Yes! We specialize in video production services, which include video recordings, audio recordings, and live streaming events. Often, we will do all three at the same time to get our clients the most value out of a live event.

What is teleconferencing, and how is it different
from live streaming?

Live-streaming is one-way:  Either listening to a remote presenter calling in to an event, or broadcasting presentations to a remote audience.  Q&A happens via written chat or comments that are then read out to presenters by someone in-person at the venue.


Teleconferencing is two-way:  If your audience and remote presenters need to verbally communicate live, that is teleconferencing.  This is the most seamless way to host a hybrid conference.


If your venue has a built-in AV system installed before the COVID pandemic, it may not be designed for teleconferencing.  In this case, we can bring in equipment to make teleconferencing possible.

My venue has a built-in AV system.
I just need you to operate it. Is this cheaper?

Yes, usually.  We will need to perform a walk-through visit to your venue to understand the technology you have before we give you a quote.  If your venue’s AV system can be used for your event, lessening the need for outside equipment or personnel, a discount for those line items can be arranged.

What if my event has specific accessibility needs?

We want your message to reach as many people as possible.  That’s why we study accessibility as it applies to live streaming and in-person events.  We currently offer visual and audio aids such as hearing aids, jumbovision, transcribed audio/visual content, and translations in some languages. We are happy to coordinate any specific accommodations you may request.


These measures often increase the measurable impact of our clients’ productions.  If you are curious about how our clients have quantified this for other projects, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Can you help us with social media?

Yes! We create award-winning social media content. In 2021, we won a Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Award for an Instagram campaign we created for the Emory University School of Medicine, beating out prize submissions by Coca-Cola, Southern Company, and Delta Airlines.  


One thing that makes us different from other production companies is that our project managers read marketing studies to keep up to date on how to get you the most measurable impact (views, clicks, etc.) out of the media we create for you.  Here are two examples of the advice we offer our clients to maximize their project’s impact:


  1. If you are producing a virtual event or long video, we edit short video features and post them to social media with a link back to your longer production.  This lets people who missed your premiere find your content in the days after it is released. Video snippets like this often get the same level of engagement as a post for your video’s premiere. While creating a longer production might take several days to a full week, we can create these social media features in just an hour or two. Releasing these snippets before and after your longer video maximizes your social media impact and drives more traffic to your longer video.

  2. One 2019 study found that 80% of Internet video is watched with the sound off.  Including subtitles in your content will help you get more engagement from the 80% of people who are browsing with sound off.  


If you are targeting certain metrics, we can optimize our work plan to meet your goals.

What streaming platforms do you use?

We can stream to any platform you like, including YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, Cvent, and Vimeo. We often recommend YouTube as a streamlining platform, as we have found it is one of the most accessible websites for audiences.

Other questions? Please contact us below:

We understand that plans can change quickly! We are well-known for our quick turnaround time and flexibility. If you have questions about a project and are short on time, please give us a call for the fastest response.