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Areas of Expertise

Our team’s individual backgrounds and expertise shine through in every project we work on. We value showcasing talent and want to bring yours to the forefront.


Video Production

Whether you need a 30-second clip for Facebook or a two-hour training film for organizational development, we can take your content to the next level.  Our team is a mix of broadcast professionals and business educated projected managers.  They bring their own expertise with an understanding of prioritization and budgetary needs, so you get the best value out of your work with us.

Event A/V

Video production and live events work best hand-in-hand. Our in-house team can achieve stage and sound system setups for audiences large and small. Along with our crew, we manage large events with our close partners to ensure that the day’s goals are met successfully. In Atlanta, our usual partner for staging needs is True Productions.

Professional Camera


Often, the goal of our production is to document your organization’s best moments. Creating still images for online content can give more mileage to a social media campaign – especially when featured in tandem with videos. Our photographer has worked with major businesses and government entities such as Delta Airlines and The Air National Guard. By directing our cross-trained team to record video and still images, we help our clients maximize the value of their personnel spend. We also offer photo retouching services.

Audio Production

The secret to great video is a great accompanying audio. We pride ourselves on having built a team with strong audio engineering experience.  With experience producing music and podcast projects for organizations such as NPR and Paste Magazine, all of our productions feature world-class audio recordings. Our clients love the quality of our work; some meet us as video producers and later retain us for their audio-only needs.

Recording Studio
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