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White Coats Ceremony 2020

How Emory University increased its viewership by 5x



St. James UMC-Atlanta

Event Format



Chuch Service

Support Provided

In-Person and Online Audiovisuals, Live Streaming

We’re privileged to have helped St. James United Methodist Church (UMC) in Atlanta, GA minimize technical difficulties during their church service, from installation and setting up audiovisual equipment to training their volunteers on how to use it. The result was smoother visual, audio, and overall live stream qualities that helped get the message of faith across. We helped with:

Icon of two people talking


Providing a list of equipment and other recommendations for live streaming setup.

Cameraman icon

Set Up

Replacing some and installing live streaming equipment.

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Training church volunteers on how to use St. James’ new live streaming system.

Want to see some snippets from our St. James-UMC project?



Emory University


White Coats Ceremony 2020

Support Provided

Audio/Visual Production, Live Streaming

Event Format


We're honored to have received awards from PRSA Georgia in 2020 for our production of Emory University School of Medicine's White Coats Ceremony! The largest association of marketing professionals in the state, PRSA Georgia recognized us for

Less than $2,000

budget for this successful event

5x increase

in Emory's viewership

High ROI

return of investment

A Phoenix Awardee

Video Production Company

Awards from PRSA Georgia:

  • Best Use of Social Stories

  • Events or Observances - Seven or Fewer Days -

  • Associations/ Government/ Nonprofit Organizations

About The Project

Emory University wanted to:

Host their event live on campus

with the students and faculty members appearing in person

Strictly comply with COVID-19

protocols by having audiences tune-in in  the comfort of their homes

Have a recording of the ceremony

complete with visual graphics, title cards, and all other video elements

Emory University was the only leading medical school that took the extra effort to conduct in-person classes in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. They reinforced COVID-19 protocols and limited face to face classes and students living in campus.

To provide a better academic experience for their students, Emory agreed to our experiment to release teaser snippets of their White Coats 2020 on social media. the experiment was a success because other medical school saw Emory's video and adapted the strategy.

Did You Know?



increase in ROI


increase in ROI

Your Event Can Be Seamless Too

We hope you will keep us in mind for your future video production or live streaming needs.

Ceremonies are sentimental milestones

in anyone's life and this is something that Emory University doesn't want its students to miss out on. The Recording Service is happy to have helped the university with its White Coats Ceremony in October 2020

What made White Coats 2020 A Success?

Teaser Snippets on Social Media

The 5x wiewership gained from the event was the result of releasing mini teasers on social media before the premiere


Stringent COVID-19 Protocol

There were 150+ students to be filmed, but only a few people could be in a room at a time.

Time Constraint

We could only film around 30 people in less than 30 minutes before taking a break to sanitize our equipment and the venue.

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