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Here's a list of The Recording Service's professional rates and AV equipment. You can also check out some of our sample quotes. Contact us at 404-333-8901 or for questions or concerns.

Professional Rates

Production Lead ($115 per hour)

A production lead is a cross-trained AV professional specializing in leading, coordinating, and organizing live-streaming projects.

Stream Tech ($825 per day)

A stream tech ensures everything is ready to go before a video stream goes live. They are responsible for switching cameras, cueing graphics, and playing back media real time. They monitor the stream output from another electronic device to make sure remote audiences receive optimal AV output.

Director – Corporate Video ($825 per day)

A director has extensive experience filming videos in a studio setting. They have great attention to detail with lighting and technical matters.

Audio Tech ($675 per day)

An audio tech specializes in preparing, testing, and operating microphones and sound systems for volume, clarity, and tone. They can also recommend audio equipment and software upgrades when necessary.

Camera Operator – Live Event ($675 per day)

A camera operator specializes in following the flow of live events with camcorders and other video-recording equipment. They have years of experience in filming broadcast media and/or hybrid events.

Event Photographer ($675 per day or $95 per hour)

An event photographer specializes in shooting photos that capture the look and feel of your event.

Video Editing ($75 per hour)

Photo Editing ($75 per hour)

Audiovisual (AV) Kits 

AV Essentials Kit ($60 for half day or $100 for full day)

Required for all onsite projects, our AV Essentials Kit is composed of every adapter and cable we may need at your venue, as well as:

     PowerPoint clicker

     HDMI cable

     Decimator video scaler and voltage regulator

     Auxiliary cord

     USB-C to HDMI adapter

     USB wall charging brick

     AA and AAA batteries

     Humbuster noise reducer for audio signals

     A laptop

Power Kit ($55 per day)

Our Power Kit can help ensure that essential AV equipment in the venue receives enough power to keep it functioning despite unforeseen electricity-related issues. This kit includes:

     Voltage regulator

     UPS battery backup power supply (provides 5-15 minutes of charge in a power outage)

     Power conditioner

     12-gauge power cord (100 ft)

     14-gauge power cord (200 ft)

Stream Kit ($429 per day)

Our Stream Kit allows us to control all the needed AV sources conveniently in one place and switch camera views and audio inputs whenever needed. The kit includes:

     High-performance computer

     Blackmagic video switcher/encoder

     HDMI cable for up to four video inputs

     Extra laptop to monitor stream output

     Extension cord

     Power strip

Small Lighting Kit ($115 per day)

Our Small Lighting Kit is sufficient for small interviews or videos that will be used internally in an organization. It includes three two-color LED panel lights with mini diffusers, tapes, and power cables.

Event Lighting Kit ($300 per day)

Our Event Lighting Kit works well for live-event or customer-facing videos, as it can give ample lighting with its three LED spotlights.

Marketing Video Lighting Kit ($365 per day)

Our Marketing Video Lighting Kit’s three studio lights produce the highest quality of visuals among our lighting kits. It includes equipment for treating windows for unwanted glare and reflections.

Live Event Video Kit ($379 per day)

Our Live Event Video Kit is a set of equipment that captures audio and video while providing ample lighting in a target area. It includes:


     One spotlight with Fresnel

     Extra-tall tripod

     One wireless lav mic

DSLR Camera Kit for A-Roll ($415 per day)

Our A-Roll DSLR Camera Kit is for filming primary footage, such as a person talking to the camera. It includes a teleprompter or a device to guide people on what they’re going to say next. This kit has: 

     DSLR Camera


     iPad Teleprompter

DSLR Camera Kit for B-Roll ($415 per day)

Our B-Roll DSLR Camera Kit is for filming secondary or supplemental footage that is added as intercut video material. This kit includes a DSLR camera and a gimbal, which is a handheld camera stabilizer that allows us to capture smooth video during moving shots.

Camera Kit for Event Photo ($350)

Our Camera Kit is well-suited for capturing scenes with professional quality onsite. It includes:

     Canon EOS R6

     External flash

     70-200mm lens

     14-35mm lens

     SD cards

Long Video Cable Kit – SDI Cable ($55 per day)

Our Long Video Cable Kit is for transmitting audio and video signals over a maximum of 100-foot distance. Although indoor events can also benefit from this kit, it is well-suited for outdoor venues. It includes: 

     100 ft SDI Cable

     Two HDMI/SDI converter boxes with signal amplification built-in

     Two short HDMI cables

     Two extension cords (to power the signal amplifiers)

Sound System Kit ($255 per day)

Our Sound System Kit is for ensuring that the audio quality audiences hear onsite is clear, intelligible, and smooth. This kit allows us to amplify and adjust the sound quality of incoming audio signals while providing corresponding audio outputs in the venue’s speaker system.


It includes a six-channel mixer, two loudspeakers, and an auxiliary cord for music playback.

Equipment - A La Carte

Basic Laptop ($65 per day)

Extra Speaker ($65 per day)

The extra speaker we can provide is either a single 12” or 15” speaker, depending on what is appropriate in the venue.

Wired Mic Kit ($39 per day)

We can provide an extra wired microphone with a stand if the client requests it. Our Wired Mic Kit includes:

     SM58 microphone

     Boom mic stand

     Table stand

     Mic cable

Wireless Handheld/Lav Combo Kit ($135 per day)

We have an extra Wireless Handheld/Lav Combo Kit if the client requests it. It includes:

     One mic receiver (i.e., one channel of audio on the mixer)

     One wireless handheld mic

     One wireless lav

     A short XLR


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